Traditional Shaving

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At Edwards traditional shaving emporium,we will cater for all your traditional male grooming needs. Peruse our site you will not be disappointed. We have an exceptional range of DE safety razors and straight razors. Not only that We have a wide array of badger hair shaving brushes, we also sell a synthetic brush, by our very own Duellist.

Our Duellist range is made of  high quality chrome, they are truly opulent pieces.

Our brush knots are Manchurian badger and the handles high end acrylic or Chrome.

Edwards traditional shaving emporium is an arsenal of weapons, for modern man to take on the war of attrition. And also his spouse to buy for him. Enemies and free radicals will shudder at the sight of your bathroom cabinet and perhaps your new image. Current squeezes will think your new found interest in not looking awful, will almost certainly make her notice you by at least 38%  more than usual.

Traditional Shaving

Edwards traditional shaving emporium started as a company in 2013. We fought in the vanguard as a market stall, in spitalfields london. Now we rule the high seas of the Internet.

The Maintenance and repair of Vintage straight razors,from the beginning of last century is an interesting side of our business. Please look at our Facebook page you can see examples of my work.




I am currently on vacation and products from my shop will be unavailable for next few days. Thank you for your patience and apologize for any inconvenience.

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