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Brands of safety razors Edward’s Shaving

Brands of Edward’s are now many. We are proud to stock a number of Safety razor makes and also many shaving brush makes. We try to find diversity in our shaving set range, and have set up this category of search by brands to help you on your journey to find the right shaving kit for you.

Muhle are the brand we stock the most as we have a great relationship with the company and love they’re range. We are always on the look out for new talent though. There seem to be so many exciting new companies emerging all of the time.

We stock new companies as well as the old power houses in traditional shaving like Kent brushes and Simpsons brushes. Modern shaving brands like Ikon and Feather are some exciting brands in which we stock.

Brands of safety razors Edward’s Shaving we hope will help your shopping experience.