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Muhle Rytmo Ash


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Muhle Rytmo Ash has steamed wood as a choice for a safety razor handle. Which is unique. It is a good idea also as the process of extreme heat, will make it withstand any steam thrown at it in the bathroom. A light razor at 68g and a total length of 83mm. The Rytmo range is a very unusual in design. Also from the Intro selection from the great shaving company that is Muhle. A traditional German grooming company which is also very design conscious for modern style. We like the chrome pommel on the base of the razor which really finishes off the razors look. Muhle heads are usually middle aggressive which is a great style of head. It means you can get the benefits of a hard close shave, whilst still have the close protection of a closed head. It means the razor is good for all skin types and hair growth so you can shave everyday. Or you could also attack a several month traveling beard from Thailand.


We recommend shaving using the Muhle Rytmo Ash safety razor, with plenty of lather from a shaving soap or cream. We also recommend using Muhle razor blades which are a great firm sharp blade. If it is your first razor and if you are having trouble, I suggest using a more flexible blade like Lord of Big Ben. We also have honed our method for using shavers like this, with small strokes particularly on the neck. Loose skin is also what you want to be shaving on as if it’s as tight as a drum it may cut.

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