Shaving Sets

All of our Safety razors and shaving sets have been carefully chosen from a number of high end mens grooming companies.


A shaving set is something you will keep for sometime, we at Edward’s will help you choose one. We stock safety razor shaving sets which are equipt with a shaving brush. We have a large number of Muhle sets as we are official retailers of. We try to represent English set’s with Taylor’s of old bond street. Along with other makes like Hawkins and Brimble also morgans. There is a vast range of price and also materials and designs. We also cater for those who want to use cartridge razors in a set. We also stock a wide range of fiber brushes that are non animal hair. But a lot of people want a pure badger or best badger, or of course the famed silver tip.

We are here to help you find your perfect shaving set.


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