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The Kent BLK12S Shaving brush



The Kent BLK12S Shaving brush.

Kent have made a noble stance with this new range.

Their shaving brushes are no longer animal hair. They are synthetic so ethical in many’s book.

Kent are a century old brush manufacturer. Settled in the English home counties.

We at Edward’s are amazed by there new ethical range. The BLK12S shaving brush functions very well. With a overall height of 122 mm. It’s as hench as some of their older style brushes. It’s wide at 65mm with a solid resin handle. This plunged into hot water will make a luxurious lather. Which will bountifully serenade your face with a great platform to shave from.

The handles are hand turned resin and lovely things to hold. They are also embossed with the Kent logo.

Edward’s has endorsed this brand since it’s early East London roots. They are very well packaged making for a great gift.

We have a very excellent range of shaving soaps and creams. Which you can’t do without using on such a brush. Why not check out our adjacent category linked below.

Wet shaving

Your face needs to be dripping with hot water. Submerge the brush into the sink or bowl. Leaving it for a minute to saturate. This is a top draw way to generate heat.

Then whip the brush on your soap bowl. Other wise work out your best method of using shaving cream. Which your need to work in syncronization with how much water is on the brush.

Once you use a shaving brush you never go back. There is something about the process that is warming. Traditionally made of animal hair nowhere day synthetic is more popular. Like The Kent BLK12S Shaving brush is a guilt free alternative to badger hair. Faux hair is similar but has a rigidity which exfoliates better.





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