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Fatip gold classic safety razor


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Safety razor

At Edwards shaving, we love this Fatip gold classic safety razor. Also this 66 g traditional razor, will give the owner a really close shave. Also as It Is open combed, It Is more aggressive than the Gentila. I would suggest It to a thicker bearded guy who wants a closer shave. Or someone who wants to shave less as the 20 teeth comb will rake through longer hair. Also the Fatip gold classic razor, Is a bad ass In terms of style. The 1950 s company based In Italy make very linear designs, reflecting the style at the time being Art Deco. Also 87 mm makes this a short razor. I can live with that, giving the user better movement. A big feature for us, Is the gold finish. It may not be 24 carat but It certainly looks the part.

This well built razor can rival any other In terms of engineering. The screw mechanism Is very solid and It holds the safety razor blade well. For the price you get a lot of razor. The material Is unusual being diecast zinc.

Fatip gold classic safety razors

Shaving is a joy with an open comb razor, it is a tough razor in terms of a close shave. So I would recommend light strategic strokes. Also maybe the hairy coarse haired client should go for these razors as it will be an efficient shave. Still warranting an air of caution as this live blade has minimal guard. Nonetheless this is the perfect razor for somebody. That somebody might be yourself. This razor is not quite the toughest razor in the Edward’s shop, this would be the R 41 Muhle which is a real tough nut. Link attached.

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