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Merkur travel safety razor




Safety razor

Merkur are a very design conscious shaving company. They are German and have a great combination of style and practicality. We don’t have many travel sets on the website, so we thought we should add another. Also we don’t have a great deal of Merkur product’s either. This safety razor separates into 4 parts which is rather different. Chrome plated steel and well engineered so it fits together with such alignment. Weighing 70g which isn’t hugely light as it’s the same as a Muhle R89 for reference. It is 65 mm in length which is rather stubby but it is still relatively chunky. Also for that added grip it is very well knurled and machined at the factory. It is nicely tapered and larger at the base where you hold it in the palm in your hand. This certainly aids the shaving process.

Certainly my favorite part of the razor is the leather pouch and the way it all seems to fit together. Definitely you will benefit from the fact you can pad it all together into this case and then your washbag. Or even your back pocket as a razor is a very annoying thing to bring along anywhere.

Shaving with a safety razor is a great thing. This is perhaps a experienced shavers razor as only a pro would take their designer razor on holiday. It is a middle aggressive razor which is a great middle ground for anyone who wet shaves. This will take on a months beard or be a good every day razor for the office. This really is a nice little razor for anyone who respects quality gentlemens grooming goods. We have lot’s of shaving information on our blog. So why not read up on shaving tips?

3-4 day delivery time on this excellent razor which is free.