If you are in the market for a safety razor. Look no further.


Safety razor

A safety razor is something you will keep for ever. That’s why Edward’s shaving emporium stocks the best brands going. DE razors are great to shave with and cheap to run. It’s time you realized for some things the old ways are best.

We stock a number of high quality brands from around the globe. Some of which are over one hundred years old. Like Londons Taylors of old Bond street.

We sell great German razors from companies like Muhle and Geisen and Forsthof. Fatip are an Italian razor company which prove to be popular also. We also sell cartridge razors with traditional handles.

All safety razors are different. Just like your beard and skin type. Shavers are grouped into several categories. Non aggressive, middle and aggressive. Our site explains this on our indepth product descriptions.  We also have a great blog that explains all you need to know about traditional shaving.

Finding your preference of de blades is a fun task. We also recommend certain blades for certain razors. We stock 10 different brands of which.

Please get into touch if you have any questions about the products. We are keen to help you find the best razor for you.


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