A safety razor is a tool for life.


Safety razor

A safety razor is the best way to shave, whatever your facial hair is like. Due to the precise closeness of a double edged razor blade. Used correctly a Edward’s razor will cut through any hair in it’s path. Also it will hold off that five oclock shadow a bit longer than a cartridge razor, due to it being such a close shave. They also help prevent skin issues as they take off dead skin for new growth to emerge. We have over 70 different razors for you to choose from and they range in styles to complement your skin and hair type. We also have brilliant product descriptions to help you decide on one you will really benefit from. Not to mention our highly noted shaving shop blog. Which is jam packed full of the best shaving tips from our experienced research.

Our safety razors range in aggression and we stock a diverse collection of them. Also the choice of blade is important, which the site should guide you with. Free delivery on all goods is another reason to choose Edward’s traditional shaving emporium.


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