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Safety razors

A safety razor is a thing of class indeed. Shaving with one is a top draw experience that you will love. Stop seeing shaving as a chore and start enjoying it. With Edward’s traditional shaving emporium.



Safety razor
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  • Safety razor


  • Safety razor


  • Safety razor


Shaving shop

This year we are guaranteed to bring you the best high end shaving goods, for the best prices. We stock some exciting products and traditional mens requisites. We are trying to fight the worlds plastic problems with our shaving equipment. Also we want to get the most natural of cosmetics to your gallant faces. Enjoy the site and get in touch.

Shaving Brushes.

Shaving brushes are an important part of the traditional shave. We have a great growing range in different styles. We sell badger brushes of different grades. Also we sell excellent synthetic brushes that are obviously vegetarian. Shaving with a brush is a luxurious thing indeed. Especially with a high end shaving soap or cream. We at Edward’s have a great range of old fasioned style products for you. The old ways are the best with some things. We definitely think this applies with shaving.




Safety razor

A Safety razor is a tool for life and is something you can keep and look after. The shave of the razors that we sell are superior to that of disposable razors. We also know a thing or two about how to use them. Why not check out our blog? It’s full of great tips on traditional shaving. We have a great range of razors that come in different styles. knowing that you are different to. We are very keen to help you find the perfect razor. We stock non aggressive razors like Fatip from Italy. Middle aggressive razors from Germany and aggressive from America. We will also help you learn how to use one with great skill.

Razors and age

To purchase a razor from this site. You need to be over the age of 18.