Safety razor shaving

Shaving with a double edged razor. Is the only way to start the day.




Safety razor
  • Timor olive wood chrome safety razor 1360


  • Safety razor


  • Traditional shaving Straight Razor by Muhle


  • Safety razor


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Despite 2020’s troubles. We as a Gent’s grooming company, have been providing the world with the best ways to shave. You can only look after others once you look after yourself. With Edward’s shaving’s help you will look and feel your very best.


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Safety razor

The Safety razor is from a time when things were classy. When people cared more about what their everyday objects looked like. Also shaving with one is close. Really close. There is such a variety of blades and razor styles. You can really tailor make yours to your needs. The razors are in several basic catogories based on aggression. The most common being middle. The website will guide you through the 70 listed. Feather are a non aggressive make. As opposed to Fatip who make aggressive and non aggressive razor heads. In terms of blades we stock strong blades and thinner. Also a range in sharpness as people have different beard grains. A lot of razor makes have their own blades which they endorse.

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Razors and age

To purchase a razor from this site. You need to be over the age of 18.