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If you do something everyday you should do it well. With a world renowned safety razor collection. It makes Edward’s a top choice for shaving goods. We aim to provide a shaving kit that suits your individual needs. As we know all men have different facial hair and skin types. Also how often a man shaves is another factor we take into account. Our product descriptions are very indepth to help you choose the right items for you. So enjoy the site and if you have any questions please get in touch.

Shaving shop
  • Timor olive wood chrome safety razor 1360


  • Safety razor


  • Safety razor


  • Safety razor


Shaving shop

We are super keen to provide you guys with a great shaving kit. One isn’t complete without a razor or a shaving soap or cream. We only stock the best shaving brushes with a wide range of bristles. We also want you to use your new shaving goods well. That’s why we have the best product descriptions to help you choose your goods. Not only this but our blog is full of the best tips, to give your face the best shave. We know our stuff when it comes to shaving. So let us show you how.

Traditional shaving Brushes.

To shave like a boss you will need a shaving brush. As it is a luxurious way to apply lather to your face. We sell a range of different badger hair brushes, as is the tradition. However we also sell synthetic brushes which are very poplular. To get the best out of a shaving cream or soap. I suggest you make a purchase.




Safety razor

As safety razor specialists. We know a thing or two about them. More it seems than most shaving outlets anyway. Some see all razors as the same. But we know that D.E razors models are all different. We give our honest opinion always on each product description. To help you get the right one for you. Also check out are product reviews on our blog.

Shaving design

Men that choose our shaving goods want more out of life. They want our stylish products as they themselves are stylish. Also a fair amount of our customers are ladies. Who clearly want their men to use high end shaving equiptment. Razors that are made of top quality materials and with classic designs. Our products are so far from consumerist shaving companies. You will keep them and treasure them.