Shaving shop - safety razor and traditional shaving goods.

A Safety razor is a tool for life. That’s why at Edward’s we have a diverse range of razor styles and materials to suit you the individual. Due to our expert knowledge, we have possibly the best product descriptions for any online shaving shop. We are high end shaving, and to us customer care is paramount. We will help you tailor make an order to fit your needs as a modern male who appreciates the finer things.

If you have any questions please contact us. Regards the Edward’s team.

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Shaving shop

Since 2012 we have been bringing high end shaving kit too the public. Initially a market stall in East London, where we pitched on mainly Friday’s and built a great client base. Also winning the rights to sell great traditional brands like Kent brushes and Taylor’s of Old Bond street. With a strong eye for style and quality, we have stocked this website with excellent gear. Making sure we have a great range of different products suiting the needs of everyman.

Traditional shaving Brushes.

Shaving brushes are an essential part of traditional shaving. It is also very economical as you won’t be blasting through numerous cans of foam a year. Also the warmth of fresh lather aids the shaving process and feels just great. We do sell badger brushes, which is the traditional style. However we have a great range of fiber brushes also.




Safety razor

Shaving with a safety razor is something special. It is a precise solid way to shave that is so simple. We have a great range of styles of safety razor and we will help you choose one in accordance with your skin type, experience and type of hair. We also have loads of shaving tips on our blog on how to use them.

Shaving design

At Edward’s we are so very design conscious. We select products from the best names in shaving. As Europeans, design is important to us. We sell high end razors from German companies like Muhle, who are noted for their sleek lines and impecable machining. Also Fatip an Italian company who have an Art Deco style. We also sell modern American razors like Ikon, noted for their aggresive styles.