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We are the place to buy a safety razor and shaving brush. So why not browse our brilliant site? It’s been designed to help you choose the best shaving kit for your individual needs. Our product descriptions reflect our expert knowledge on the shaving world. Also the site is full of useful shaving tips for you to take on board. Otherwise any questions please get in touch.

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Shaving shop

We sell the best shaving kit at Edward’s and we want you to be excited about gent’s grooming. With over 70 razors and a diverse range of shaving brushes. We can tailor make you a shaving set, which you will love. Taking into account so many factors with our genius logic. From your skin type to wether you are a vegetarian or not.

Traditional shaving Brushes.

If you wet shave you should have a shaving brush. Traditionally you would have a badger brush which we do sell. However we also stock fiber brushes that are synthetic like the Edward’s lifetime brush. Lathering with a brush is such a great feeling and also it provides you with the better shave. Compared to a shaving foam from a can this is so very true.




Safety razor

We are all about the safety razor at Edward’s shaving. Through experience we have a lot of knowledge about different styles and how they apply to different people. We also regularly update our blog on shaving technique for you to benefit the most out of your razor. With a diverse stock of international brands, we are so very proud of our range.


Shaving design

At Edward’s we are so very design conscious. We select products from the best names in shaving. As Europeans design is important to us. We sell high end razors from German companies like Muhle, who are noted for their sleek lines and impecable machining. Also Fatip an Italian company who have an Art Deco style. We also sell modern American razors like Ikon who are noted for their aggressive style,