A shaving shop like Edward’s, doesn’t Just want to flog you any old shaving supplies. We have selected the best safety razors for you to choose from. We even have our own range of high quality shaving products, supporting our ever changing brand. Please browse through the sites wealth of, shaving brushes shaving soaps and creams. We pride ourselves on our Indepth product descriptions. Also our popular blog. Any other questions please contact us.

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Anti plastic shaving subscription
  • Timor olive wood chrome safety razor 1360


  • Muhle Rocca birch bark safety razor


  • Purist, Edwards Traditional Shaving Set - Black


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Shaving shop

At Edward’s our function is to maintain a platform for you our customers. To easilly purchase high end shaving goods at great prices, which are then delivered at breakneck speeds. Why not browse through our site? We have over 50 safety razors for you to choose from, all of which have Indepth descriptions. If there are any questions you may have, please get into contact.

Kind regards the Edwards team.

Traditional shaving Brushes.

A shaving brush Is the the only way to lather. At Edward’s Shaving, we have a great range of badger hair brushes, which Is the traditional choice. Or the ever growing popular synthetic brush. We are proud retailers of the following makes. Muhle, Simpsons brushes, Kent and of course our most exceptional Edward’s home brand brushes.





Shaving Is not meant to be a chore, remember when you were Jealous of your fathers shaving. As you watched him In the mirror and wondered when you too would be granted such a mane to be harnessed. You were captivated by this act of elegant valor. But over the years with the drudge of the 9 -5 you have lost the faith man. Now Edwards traditional shaving emporium, will re light the fire and make shaving time, man time.


The razors we sell, are from a time where products reflected the then current design movement. Also the German razors we sell are Inspired by they’re great history of 20th century design. Some think there Is only one style of safety razor. Now this Is incorrect as they are divided Into several categories. Non to middle to aggressive, this will cater for every mans facial hair. At Edwards traditional shaving, the style and specification Is explained In our In depth product descriptions. Also we love to tailor make orders so please get In touch.