At Edward’s shaving shop, we want to get you shaving as well as you can. I mean you do it enough to justify having high quality products. Well look no further, we have over 50 artisan made safety razors of different styles for your choosing. Please benefit from our expert knowledge to help you purchase shaving goods, to suit your skin type and beard grain.

If you have any questions please contact us. Regards the Edward’s team.

Shaving shop
  • Timor olive wood chrome safety razor 1360


  • Muhle Rocca birch bark safety razor


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Shaving shop

As a shaving shop, we provide customers with our great range of high end shaving goods. We also have been noted for our customer service, which is aided by our vast knowledge of shaving. There are so many different styles of razors available, just like everyone’s facial hair is different. So we try to give the most indepth product descriptions. But our lines are ready to recieve any questions you may have to help us tailor make your order.

Traditional shaving Brushes.

A shaving brush is a key importance in any shave, we have a great range of styles and hair type. Yes we sell badger brushes! Also different grades of which from Silver tip to pure. We also sell synthetic brushes which are becoming increasingly popular. We are so very proud of our Edward’s shaving shop brush.





Shaving can be a mans time of reflection. The constant task of shaving is a reminder that you cannot rest on your laurels. Unless you want a beard, shaving is an invariable. At Edward’s shaving shop, we want you to do it in style and to enjoy it.

Shaving design

At Edward’s we are so very design conscious. We select products from the best names in shaving. As Europeans, design is important to us. We sell high end razors from German companies like Muhle, who are noted for their sleek lines and impecable machining. Also Fatip an Italian company who have an Art Deco style. We also sell modern American razors like Ikon, noted for their aggresive styles.