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Safety Razor Hexagon Pure


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Safety Razor Hexagon Pure

This long awaited razor is at the top of this years designer shaving goods. At 64 g it is relatively light due to the handle being made from anodized aluminium. Also lined with brass for balance, this knight in shining armour is 94 mm in length. At it’s business end, it’s fitted with the Muhle middle aggressive head. Plated chrome is such a solid finish, that with the lightest of maintenance it will stop corrosion. Called a 3 piece razor, the head is in two parts which sandwich any DE blade between it with a screw mechanism. Also this razor will be suitable for a beginner shaver and also a novice. It complements firm blades. However if you are new to shaving perhaps try flimsier blades too. This will create a flexibility that might benefit you learning the ropes of safety razor shaving.

Shaving technique

A Muhle razor is suitable for any length hair before long beard. It will also be acceptable for everyday shavers. Shaving down on your first path always, the Safety Razor Hexagon Pure will give you the closest shave. Small strokes are beneficial with safety razors we find on loose skin. As opposed to cartridge razors that you can hold on your face with long strokes.

Edward’s are all about customer care and want to get you great shaving stuff very quickly. U.K free next day carriage on this great razor is another reason to buy one. We are loyal to our repeat customers too with the odd gift here and there.  We really do know a lot about shaving and this is reflected in our regularily updated blog which has been voted 25 in the world. It is full of very useful shaving tips on traditional shaving, that by simply reading you will benefit from.