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Dovo 5/8 Straight razor


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Dovo 5/8 Straight razor

Dovo 5/8 Straight razor

Is for good reason, one of the most popular straight razors on the market. A perfect width and perfectly weighted.

Stainless steel is a really great metal for straight razors.

Due to the ease of honing. From the Solingen region in Germany. Dovo have been producing fine metal products for centuries. Why not ask yourself, don’t I deserve that razor I’ve always wanted? A bit worried to try maybe? There is a lot of information, on our blog about straight razor maintenance and technique. We at Edward’s are straight razor enthusiasts. We love to impart our wisdom on them.


To be maintained with a leather strop. Is a necessity when buying a straight razor. The Dovo 5/8 Straight razors quality.

Will depend on how you look after it. My advice is that you do it well. Dovo makes the handles from high quality resins.

In years gone by they would have used different plastics like Celluloid.

However they still use the same methods of cutting the steel and hollow grinding. Which makes the blade very thin. Dovo often use a rounded toe being the end, as it’s safer.

Shaving with a Dovo 5/8 Straight razor. Is a very relaxing thing. It’s about taking your time and meditating in a way.

Stropping is a very relaxing thing to do. It set’s you a refined standard of how you should live your life. It’s a very masculine ritual that I enjoy thoroughly.

Shaving is a luxury with Edward’s. Ed’s are a London based grooming firm. We started in Spitalfields market and have since become a online shop.

We pride ourselves on being a great knowledge of traditional shaving. Possibly being most passionate about straight razors. Please get in touch if you have any more questions.

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