Shaving Accessories

You sir need to Accessorize. We have all of the best consumerables that will keep you well shaven. Be it double edged blades or more unusual shaving equipment like alum block. Safety razor stands are also a common request. Enjoy our shaving accessories regards Edward’s.


Shaving Accessories

Shaving oil and beard oil will be found here also. We also have possibly the best beard oil on the planet. As there are so many awful beards around and we are predominantly a shaving shop. We thought we better throw in some high quality stuff to tidy them up a bit. Our shaving oil is Osma a French company that Edward’s has used for some time now. There soaps, oils and creams are lovingly made with natural products. We also sell razor strops which are an essential to straight razor shaving. We will even teach you how to use one.

Regards the Edward’s team.


I am currently on vacation and products from my shop will be unavailable for next few days. Thank you for your patience and apologize for any inconvenience.

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