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Hawkins and Brimble – Gift Set





Hawkins and Brimble

Hawkins and Brimble have long been renown for being a humble and authentic company. Always free from animal testing, colourants and parabens. This package contains all of the necessary components for a truly clean and close shave. Exfoliate and prep your skin with our pre-shave scrub then use the shaving cream to leave your skin feeling nourished and moisturised. Our traditional shaving brush is matched up perfectly with this shaving cream. Our brushes are dense, yet feel like velvet to the touch and will deliver the cream to every desired inch of your face. To ensure the skin is fully protected during shaving. Close up the pores and cool the skin with the post-shave balm and in case you feel like growing out your facial hair, use our beard oil. Ravished in various different wholesome, natural ingredients such as olive oil and shea butter, sure to soften and soothe your facial hair. All of our Hawkins and Brimble products contain elemi and ginseng for a refreshing, invigorating lemony zest. This s well as elemi and ginseng for a refreshing, invigorating lemony zest. To use simply drop the desired amount into your palms, apply evenly, then let the nourishing elements take care of the rest.