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Muhle Purist shaving briarwood set


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Safety razor

The Muhle Purist traditional shaving briarwood set by Ed. At Edwards we like the Purist range, with It’s classical design, It really seems to be from another era. Muhle first formed In 1945 Germany, and have been making exceptional razors since then.

They’re choice of Briarwood Is very Unique.

This hardwood Is considered precious and Is used for High end wooden Items Like Pipes and Jewelry. Also as a safety razor the Purist Is pretty large at 120 mm, most safety razors on the market are 30 mm shorter. It also has a good weight too at 72 g.

The fine brush Is as soft as anything being from badger silver tip. The bristle knot Is 52 mm with a 22 mm ring, over all height of the brush  Is 108 mm and with a weight of 120 g. Weight Is a mark of quality we feel.

The Muhle traditional shaving Purist briarwood set takes double edged blades, which are clamped between this high quality chrome head. Like all Muhle razors It Is middle aggressive, providing a very close safe shave. Also Including a free Muhle blade, on the site we sell Muhle rust free double edged blades. Which we have tried and tested and think are Just great. Nonetheless we have 8 other types of DE blades for you to have a crack at.

Traditional shaving Is what we do, with our knowledge and expertise of the Industry. You can rely on us for guidance as traditional shaving can be a little sharp for some people. We have a lot of hot tips on our blog and we will always talk to you on out landline or by email, If you want to talk about what’s best for your skin type or beard growth. We are proud stockists of Muhle, click the link to see the other 56 Items on the website.

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