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Taylor’s shaving set Ivory



Shaving set

Taylor’s shaving set Ivory. Taylor’s are a London company that have remained in the same place since the 19th century. Both handles of razor and brush are Faux Ivory and acrylic. Designed so elegantly, their use of stainless steel is powerful.

The fusion headed razor, but with a traditional shaving handle. Sits alongside it’s super badger shaving brush partner. On this wonderful stainless steel and same acrylic stand. Most shaving sets don’t have a matching stand. But the┬áTaylor’s of Bond street Ivory Fusion traditional shaving set fits so well. The engineering of the steel seems to be perfect as it not only has a function to sit on the set. It Is also visually like a work of art from the beginning of last century. The set is lovingly boxed and would make the nicest of gift.

Taylor’s shaving set Ivory

Taylor’s have an abundant range of cosmetics and colognes, and this Is one of they’re higher end items.

On the site we also have a rather lovely handmade safety razor by Taylor’s see link. To maintain this set I recommend rinsing in cold water and leaving it to dry in it’s stand.

Edwards traditional shaving is keen to answer any questions you may have regarding Taylor products, and any other item’s we have or even don’t have as we can get them In for you. Also we have a lot of great shaving tips on the blog that are worth a look at.

Free UK delivery Is our promise and In snappy timing also, next working day. This really is a high end set. Although we want to insure you that it is not real ivory as Edward’s do not want to put their name to any of that nonsense. We look forward to hearing from you.

Regards Edward.