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Muhle Hexagon shaving set forest




Shaving set

Muhle Hexagon shaving set forest, Is a striking set. The razor sports a closed head for a close shave that Is also a safe one. In fact the same head as a R 89 one of Muhle’s most respected safety razors.

This set Is Unique for It’s powerful darkest of greens, also It’s unusual hexagon design. The German 75 year old company have looked at they’re countries rich design history, whence drawing out this sets modernist perhaps Bauhaus Inspired look.

Muhle Hexagon shaving set forest

The set also houses a silver tip brush, which Is the highest grade of badger hair. With an unscrew able head this traditional shaving brush could well do last forever. The razor Is 94 mm In length to a 64 g weight. Unscrewing the mechanism you really feel the quality of the engineering In aluminium.

The brush handle Is 55 mm and all together has a 127 g weight. The 50 mm loft will give you a great traditional shaving lather. The Set Is housed In a handmade stainless stand also so well designed. As official retailers of Muhle and love selling they’re top traditional shaving kits. We are full of useful Information regarding gents grooming, and we would love to Impart our wisdom. If you want to get In touch. Now the Muhle Hexagon 3 PC traditional shaving set silver tip forest, comes with a free blade to start you off. However we have 8 other double edged blade types for you to have a bash at. At Edwards, we have a lot of exciting new products coming out so watch this space.