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Duellist DE Traditional shaving 3pc set


The Duelist 3 pc  DE set

Dominates any bathroom with its charisma and prestige.

It is well weighted being of a high quality chrome.

This set sports, a double edge safety razor and a pure badger hair shaving brush.

The razor separates into several parts, its head is closed comb for closeness and is set at a mid aggressive blade degree.

The razor is handle is 90mm in length.

The brush 105mm in height.

And a base width of 35mm.

All Items are embossed with the Duellist Flintlock.

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Shaving set

The Duellist 3pc set  will make the dingiest of bathrooms exceptional.

Comprised of a double edged safety razor and a pure badger brush and high quality chrome.

Makes this Edwards Item great.

All Items are embossed with the Duellist flintlock being recognised symbol of male pride.

For those who like to spend a little more time pampering themselves.

Nonetheless with a piece of equipment like this you are going to want to.

Luxury lad

Its a weighty kit that also It has a feel of quality.

The brush being pure badger provides a coarse yet warm lather.

DE shaving has taken of this year the trendy male recognises it as hobby and skill in which it is.

For example the razors it takes are relatively widespread and numerous in brand.

The Duellist DE shaving 3pc set is an Ideal gift.

I particularly like Merkur blades there is a toughness to them others don’t have.

A beard should be hot and wet before shaving after the brush is correctly lathered the blade should be wetted now there is a conflict of opinion here.

Modern barbers say the blade should be hot and wet.

Where as Don Tommasino in Scorsese’s, The Godfather said.

A blade should be run under cold water. Scientifically I would agree as the metal would contract thus fore making a sharper blade.

Although for comfort I choose to run it under warm.

They are also widely used in barbers in shavettes.

As the cutthroat has been ruled out of public use for frankly unnecessary safety reasons.

Sadly a lot of modern trendy barbers that are london based are unsuccessful at providing wet shaves using shavettes.

Quite frankly because they lack the training.

A great accompaniment to the Duellist DE shaving 3pc set  is the Duellist charcoal and sea salt shaving soap

It is a excellent shaving soap which heals and detoxes the skin.