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Osma traditional Pre shaving oil



Osma traditional Pre shaving oil Is an essential product for a safety razor. 50 ml of this fine oil seems to go a long way. Also almond scented this natural shaving aid will lube your beard. Creating a barrier between your skin and the razor. Osma a 19th century French company still produces the same recipes as during the Victorian epoch. A safety razor has little guard and sometimes can be tricky to avoid cuts. Especially with a harsher traditional shaving razor like the Muhle R 41.

Apply theĀ Osma traditional pre shaving oil dry, and massage It Into your skin. Applying when wet seems to break the oil. Also It seems to create a better barrier between your skin and the blade. This fine product softens the hair before you add hot water thus softening more so.

Traditional shaving can give you many options, which Is a part of the fun. Like the choice of razor blade you may use also we have a lot of variance In razor styles, with more or less blade revealed. I would always recommend theĀ Osma traditional pre shaving oil. We have a lot of useful Information on shaving technique on our blog, why not have a look.

We also have some great advice on straight razor use, which Is certainly aided by shaving oil. If you have any questions regarding the most noble Industry that Is traditional shaving. Please do not hesitate to get on the blower and pick our gallant brains. Providing the subject Is not to ridiculous.

Zero parbens and other nasty’s make this a great product, which you need not worry about the contents. It Is remarkable and worrying to see what goes Into a lot of cosmetics. But not at Edward’s.

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