Safety razor

Edward’s shaving Wholesale is a great opportunity for any barbershop or shaving shop, online or other. To retail our most excellent of shaving product’s. We are priced, so you as retailers can make a solid mark up. Also to sell our products to the public at reasonable price. Edward’s were created in 2012 and we have grown in bounds and adapted to the modern market. With a large following on Instagram and good presence on other social media. We are very brand conscious, our non plastic shaving range is testimont to this as there has been lots of emphasis as plastic is a critical global problem.

Edward's lifetime safety razor

Safety razor

Our safety razor is excellent to use, In chrome it’s great looking piece. It is a middle aggressive razor which cuts very close. Although it allows a flexibility in the blade that makes it a careful shave. We sold badger hair brushes for sometime but we decided to have synthetic Edward’s home brand brushes. They are as good and will generally last longer. Again in our brilliant chrome.

Edwards Chrome fiber shaving brush

Edward’s shaving Wholesale

Shaving at Edward’s also have a wonderful shaving soap and partner shaving bowl. Charcoal based soaps are great for your skin. As they detoxify any impurities, also containing sea salt it is a health benefitial shaving soap indeed.

Edwards Smoke traditional shaving soap review

Our soap is cockney based the logo has the East ends Eel adorned on it. Also a cockney slang riddle for you to decipher on the back. We also flavoured the scent in accordance with our fair capital city. With Juniper and Lemon the scent of the East ends oldest and finest booze, Gin.

For a pricelist and any questions you may have on our great product’s and want to retail our product’s please send us an email and we will get back to you promptly.


Regards the Edward’s Team.