As a traditional shaving company we strive to provide you our customer with high end products from around the globe. We see ourselves as voices of experience regarding technique and product design. Since the beginning Edward’s has provided expert advice for our customers and we still urge you to contact us regarding finding the right shaving equipment for you.


An accolade from English Aristocracy
For years I’ve been frustrated with using an electric shaver and unable to use double and triple blade cartridges because of the irritation that they caused. So, I’m delighted to have found Edwards, who have provided me with a superb Muhle razor and brush and solved all my problems. Courteous, efficient, friendly and reliable, with a wonderful range of products, I have no hesitation in recommending them. D.A. London


Edwards traditional shaving emporium

MÜHLE Traditional Shaving DE Chrome set




Muhle Hexagon Forest Silver Tip traditional shaving Brush Fiber

Badger Brush

Edwards traditional shaving emporium has a variety of shaving brushes. English tradition is kept by providing real badger hair products, graded in quality. Pure badger is the starting grade of hair. We also stock best badger a mid range grade and of course silver tip, which is the highest grade of hair being from the head and neck of the animal.

We also stock synthetic hair brushes, which are of a high quality and designed to replicate the soft absorption of badger hair. But obviously not from any animal.








The Edwards – Traditional shaving story

Over the years we’ve gradually whittled down our range to showcase only the best shaving equipment. We are specialist stockists of Duelist, Kent, Simpsons, Muhle, Taylor’s, Feather, Ikon, Fatip, and Timor branded equipment. Edwards traditional shaving emporium also has it’s own magnificent range.

Does the product ooze elegance? Would we want one? Are the materials high quality? What level craftmanship goes into the product’s? What are they like practically? These are questions which we ask ourselves as we use and review the goods we sell, you will find these on the blog section of the website.



Aesthetics are everything, our razors are works of art that the user feels proud to use.
You’ll find our range Includes only the highest quality chromes and metals to ensure a quality Image. We sell traditional shaving designs, Infuenced by movements such as Art Nouveau or Deco from the beginning of last century. As a shaving company we realize that rather than razors and brushes, we Infact sell utilitarian works of art.




Traditional Shaving

We fight In the vanguard of traditional shaving, bringing you the best old school shaving products, with Immediacy. Make haste coachman and do not spare the horses .