Shaving wars by Edward’s traditional shaving

Schick and Gillette own 80 percent of the shaving Industry. But In recent years, There has been some massive sale prices for start ups like, The Dollar shave club. who recently sold for 1 billion dollars. Through peppy advertising and a pretty good product range, has secured there fortune. There are other firms, like Harry’s who basically do a similar cheaper product, but with a traditional gimmick. Bevel or walker and co are another heavy hitter. These company’s are taking around a billion gross profit from Gillette every year, which I think Is probably a good thing.

On a closer look at, The Dollar shave club. I realized that there was nothing on the website for a dollar. Now I feel I was lead to my sale unfairly, and abandoned cart. I’m sure others have done the same. I always feel that an outright lie, Is a poor business model. But In ,The dollar shave companies case It clearly doesn’t matter.

As a company Edwards tries to provide a fair price for High end products. Once bought, those products are very Inexpensive Indeed. A straight razor only has one purchase, as does a shaving brush. A good shaving soap should last six months to a year. A Double edged safety razor is something that has a consumable product attached, being the DE blades. But these are a fraction of the price of the modern cartridge blades. Also these modern companies, although new and well branded. Do not promote shaving as the ritual and joy It is. They scream speed price and efficiency, which Is the least of my worries, when I’m lathering my high end tallow shaving soap

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Shaving wars by Edward’s Traditional Shaving.

Regards Edward

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