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R89 Gold Muhle safety razor


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Safety razor

R89 Gold Muhle safety razor, Is certainly an exciting one to open. Only 999 of these are In circulation and one could be yours. With the same design as the legendary R89 but layered with a coat of real gold. This Is the gentleman’s razor, a middle aggressive head will provide the user with a strong shave, that Is not to harsh. These are everyday razor as well as a razor capable to take off a fair bit of length. Also It Is chrome bodied and brass lined for weight, and a rolled patina on the shank. Making for a beautiful glisten In the light.

We at Edwards are official retailers of Muhle, and recommend the use of they’re blades. As they are the perfect companion to Muhle razors. This razor comes with 1 spare blade, follow the link for more.

R89 Gold Muhle safety razor

This Handmade Gold Muhle razor, has free UK delivery. Which is another great perk of using Edward’s. A safety razor is bought for life, this one would make a nice 21 st gift. The gold is really quite the statement, it’s Rolex classy and also bling bling.

Muhle the 76 year old German company have chosen the R 89 to gold plate, due to the fact it is they’re best seller. It really is a well made solid razor that has almost jewel like rolling in the plating. It comes with a free blade, made by Muhle. Although you may want to purchase more blades as they generally last a week. Attached you will find the Muhle recommended home brand, a very firm reliable razor that compliments the R 89 head. However if you would like to experiment with safety razor blades have 8 other varieties on the site,thanks.

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