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Muhle graphite shaving set silver tip




Safety razor

The Muhle graphite shaving set silver tip is a strong modern set. Also this shaving set takes a D’E blade system. This closed comb razor will take off any stubble or longer hair. 94 mm in length to a 72 g in weight, which the perfect weight.

The most striking part of this set is the hexagon shape. Taken from Germany’s rich history of design, this set is inspired by the Bauhaus movement of modernism. The brush is sliver tip which is the finest grade of badger hair. Traditionaly used in Europe as shaving brushes.

Muhlr graphite shaving set silver tip

Both Items are lined with brass, and the outer body is made of anodized aluminium. A unusual choice for for a set. The safety razor’s head clamps the D’E blade with a screw cap. It’s a very simple system which is basically unbreakable. Another excellent feature is the brush unscrews therefore it is replaceable, you wont have to though for around ten years.

Named graphite due to it’s ace matted black finish it really set’s it apart from other set’s.

Safety razor shaving is a great Joy which we at Edward’s know a great deal about. We have been voted in the top 60 for shaving blogs globally. Which we are rather proud of. It’s well worth a look and we have a lot of shaving technique post’s. We have attached a recent favourite showing you the best way you can shave with a D’E razor.

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