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Timor Vintage Safety razor 1350


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Safety razor

Timor Vintage Stainless safety razor 1350 by Edward’s.

This Is a solid razor, 119 g of Solingen steel on your face yes please ! Closed Is the comb and medium Is the aggression of this razor. A solid stainless steel safety razor is as rare as hens teeth, but here we have a fine one. The Timor vintage range, Is a recent addition to the excellent brand that Is Geissen and Forsthoff. Who were first formed In 1923 during the golden age of traditional shaving. We think the tapered base and diamond shape neck clamp really finishes off the design of this great razor, which Is 100 mm In length.

Timor Vintage Safety razor 1350

This great razor comes with a 10 pack of Timor razors, which will last you about 2 months of shaving. We at Edward’s traditional shaving have 10 varieties of double edged blades for you to choose from, all will fit the 1350. Also a fun part of DE shaving, Is trying out different blades. This excellent razor clamps the blade with a screw cap mechanism which Is basically bomb proof.

Even the box of the Timor Vintage Stainless steel Safety razor 1350 Is perfect. Making this razor a top gift for him. Delivering goods to you, next working day Is our duty. If necessary Edward himself would deliver It on horse back as he Is such a gallant git.

But seriously we want to hear from you, customers are Important to us and we realize that different peoples skin and hair growth are also different. So why not contact us regarding any questions you may have about traditional shaving, and we will do our utter most to Impart our vast wisdom.

This really is a top safety razor, why not give it a whirl? For the price it is remarkable. From Edward’s shaving.