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Muhle Rocca birch bark safety razor


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Safety razor

This Is a high end razor from Muhle. The Muhle Rocca birch bark safety razor Is 80g of stainless steel and pressed birch. Lending a look of cork, this unusual choice of material is extremely water resistant. This is a great razor to handle, It feels great to hold. Also 94 mm which Is slightly longer than most muhle’s. You really feel the extra weight as quality.  Brushed stainless steel Is a quality finish the look Is excellent. As most muhles are middle aggressive, this takes the same trend but It seems to have a sturdier safer shave.

Also to be twice as snazzy you could purchase It’s twin the Rocca brush, pictured In link. This brilliant razor Is takes DE blades, we have 8 varieties on the site which we could whistle stop to you post haste.

Muhle Rocca birch bark safety razor

Also remember Edward’s are Official retailers of Muhle. This 76 year old razor company seem to tick all the right boxes in terms of quality materials. The best chrome plating system is used. Which will not perish and will need only the slightest of up keep. Also the style of the razors are broad, from the unusual design of the Muhle Rocca birch bark razor. To the more traditional looking R range, also called the Traditional range. The build of Muhle razors is just great, there mechanisms fit together like gloves. These are comparable to the most expensive razor on the market. Muhle in a comparison of quality to price are unbeatable.

Why not get into contact if you have any questions regarding this fine safety razor? Shaving with a safety razor takes a special technique of small strokes on loose skin. The bullfrog technique is perfect, you push your chin down and your head back. Which is great for shaving your neck.


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