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Timor vintage 1351 Safety razor


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Safety razor

The Timor vintage 1351 traditional shaving Safety razor is a solid razor Indeed. With a weight of 100 g and only a length of 80 mm this stainless steel razor is real quality.

The brushed finish compliments the handle design. We love the diamond shaped neck clasp and the flared pommel.  As a traditional shaving razor, the 1351 works wonderfully. It is rare to find a completely stainless steel razor, but here you are.

The closed comb head, will provide you with a close but safe shave. Also the excellently presented box Includes 10 fine Timor razor blades, see pictures. This fine double edged razor has 3 pieces to It. Making It very easy to clean and fit new blades. A part of the fun of shaving Is finding and trying new DE blades. We stock over 8 varieties for you to have a go at.

Timor vintage 1351 Safety razor

Timor were formed In 1920 and the almost century old shaving company. Has been making perfect razors since.  The vintage range is handmade at the factory In Solingen. Which is the ancient metal goods region of Germany.

We want to provide you with a great safety razor in record time. Free delivery on this razor is our duty. Also we realize you might want some instruction on using a safety razor. Therefore why not have a look on our blog. It’s full of awesome tips for you.

Also how about giving us a call about us finding the right shaving kit for you. We have a wealth of different shaving soaps and shaving brushes in stock. We could find the perfect one for you. Click the link to see the rest of the Timor range.

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