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MÜHLE KOSMO Traditional Shaving 3 BLADE RAZOR HANDLE BOG OAK Is a great combination of traditional shaving and modern blades. The Independent newspaper voted the safety razor version this particular razor number one In rankings, out of so many. The Unique element to this razor Is It’s bog oak handle, which Is turned from 300 year old wood petrified In peat. We find this rather novel and apparently so do many traditional shaving enthusiasts.

To obtain bog oak which Is a rare material Is needed to be foraged by specialists.The handle shape Is so very comfortable and we love It’s modernist shape. The razor Is lined with brass for perfectly weighting this razor at 80 g, to an excellent length being 105 mm. Mach 3 blades are a reliable long lasting cartridge, that will plow through any growth and stay sharp.

Edwards traditional shaving emporium are official retailers of Muhle, who are a 70 year old grooming company based In Germany click link to see the rest of the range.

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