Safety razor

Where can I buy safety razors? Edward’s places product emphasis on safety razor. We have around 50 in stock for your choosing. We had a tricky call yesterday when a customer explained he had a condition that made his blood thin. Also making him bleed profusely. He was keen for the look of a Timor vintage, as seen In the Independent featured below. Although the 1360, I explained to the client that he would be better off with a non aggressive razor, as the 1360 was not aggressive but middle on the scale. I recommended the Feather AS-DS2 a rather lovely Japanese non aggressive razor. Also I chucked In a styptic pencil, one of these helped me out once when I was using a very aggressive razor In the early days.

Where can I buy safety razors?

Some people are thick skinned and have the gnarliest of growth, to them I would recommend an open combed razor. We sell the Muhle R41 and also the Fatip classic, both aggressive. The Edward’s home brand razor Is middle aggressive, we offer wholesale on these. It Is on the aggressive side of middle, but there Is a flexibility In the way the blade sit’s. It provides a close but gentle shave, despite really dominating the hair.

Muhle closed combs razors and also Geisen are mainly middle aggressive, these make them a good first time razor. Also an everyday razor. A cheaper alternative to the Feather Is the Fatip Gentila, It’s a real lovely looking razor. Also a well priced razor that will give you a non aggressive shave.

Where can I buy safety razors? at Edward’s.