Safety razors

Most safety razors are middle aggressive on the scale, usually with a closed head. If you own a safety razor you probably have one. How should I use safety razors?  I was asked yesterday by a client how to shave best so, the following post is a template for you to use for a consistent shave which limits any cuts. I would recommend two passes In most cases, I use a safety razor most day’s and this process usually has good results.

Shaving preparation.

A good shaving oil is helpful we sell Osma, apply it dry as a pre shave. Piping hot water on your beard is then a great way to lubricate and to soften your stubble. Then a good shaving cream applied with a hot wet brush Is best. circulate a lather on your face then paint it on.

Small safety razor strokes

No long strokes, like you would with a cartridge razor, use small strokes which are light. On your cheeks you can apply some blade buffing,  which Is when you push the razor back and fourth. Every where else I recommend lifting the blade off with every small stroke. The same principle as share with a sculptor, you are in danger of going under to far if you don’t take the blade off the surface. Don’t puff your cheeks, loose skin is best.

Chin and throat

How should I use safety razors? Puff out your neck by pushing your head back, push your chin down. Creating the bullfrog technique. The throat and chin are hard parts not to cut. By making skin bulge this makes a boyency which acts as barrier.


We sell a great everyday razor, the Edward’s lifetime razor Is a well priced great shave. Link attached. Get Into touch if you need any more Info on shaving.

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