Shaving Evolution

Traditional shaving Evolution

By Edward

There has been steady growth in the Industry since 2005. Which has lead to the birth of new shaving companies with old values.  The old companies Like Kent brushes, or Geo.F Trumper of Mayfair have had a massive rise since then, with a great deal of new customers and a great deal of new traditional shaving firms to wholesale too.

In the early part of the 20th century, England was a heavy hitter In the razor making Industry, Sheffield homed a great deal of safety razor and straight razor brands. Sadly we could not compete with German Industry, and eventually contracted our razors to be ground In Solingen. Which remains to this day.

Now cheap labor In the far East has changed the Industry again and companies re brand Chinese models of razors. Shaving brushes will always rely on China as they are the only country who eat badger, and the hair Is a bi product of which.There has been a steep rise of synthetic badger In recent years for ethical reasons.

On Instagram a lot of new shaving soap companies seem to be saturating the market a great deal In America It seems, some make they’re own, some re brand from existing soaps. There are also a lot of wood turners who have Interestingly started turning out hand made brushes from fine woods. And there seems to be a rise of handmade safety razors, which we implore.

As a company we are trying to maintain companies RRP, thus for keeping the Industry healthy and also we are working steadily on our own range. We have a launch of a new traditional shaving soap next month which Is a quirky as we are as a company, and will be as stimulating a shave as, we make It. We want you compelled by our products and that Is why we spend so much time making them.

Traditional shaving Evolution

By Edwardo