I am a man who enjoy’s a process a preparation and a routine. I also enjoy high end quality products.

The start of the twentieth century was a testament to this. People bought to last and if you bought a mahogany shoe box it would be in your Interest to keep this. The reason brick and brack and antiques shops are so popular even just to browse, is the multitude of unusual hand made pieces that have gone relatively undocumented. For example I was in a retro/vintage shop in Greenwich where i found a silver calendar note book which had the buttons with the months listed down the side. Now if you were to press a said button the first page of that month would fly open. I found this remarkable.

Today’s consumer living has taken these item’s from us, much to do with the digital cadgets locked to our finger twitching and googling and listening.

Will you find your Iphone 7 in a vintage shop in 70 year’s time? No it will be binned or taken sent to some dubious sell your old phones company.Online living has affected shaving culture as well with companies like the one dollar shave club. Being a patent lie, as it really cost around a tenner a month.

There is only convenience here my mahogany shoe box is awkward, it takes up space but by flaming heck,it will be given to my grandson.

Traditional shaving is representative of the old school. I look Upon my array of chrome and high end acrylic safety razor’s or straight razor with a voyeuristic smugness as I select my tool of choice and endulge in the process yet again. I throw my shaving brush in the hot sink and and submerge my face. Selecting a high end shaving cream or shaving soap. I look at myself in the mirror with a nostalgic pride and begin.