Shaving and the ambigeous

At Edward’s shaving shop we sell a few straight razors. Which I think are an exceptional way to shave, given you have a little time. I also enjoy the process of honing, which is a skill itself. But there is something that a lot of men understand, which is a male need for preoccupation. Alike disapearing into the garden shed for a few hours and taking apart a mower. The meditative sense of intent and purpose is a key part of mental hygene, which is why I enjoy preparing a straight razor. Although people are a scared of straight razors, agreed they look a bit gnarly. Another reason is there around the globe in the 1920’s were razor gangs. As carrying a knife was something you could be arrested for. Whereas you could be transporting a razor between bathrooms. Still to this day in Britain a straight razor coincides with legal carrying law.

Shaving and the ambigeous

Alot of people are drawn to the straight razor, perhaps due to the fact that they are so Shaving and the ambigeous. They are not only a high end effective shaving tool. But Interestingly a lot of peoples eyes light up due to the criminal conatations.

Paisley Gangster

I was chatting to a traditional taylor in Tunbridge wells, in order to wholesaling safety razors. He sold hats handkerchiefs that sort of thing. We discussed Paisley as a traditional pattern, which was originally an Indian textile. The teardrop pattern is called a boteh which in ancient persia was thought to ward of evil spirits. It became popular in England as far back as the 17 th century. The shop owner and I discussed the people who bought the popular paisley handkerchief. He explained the obvious upper class gent who would keep one about his person. The shop owner would also discuss the street gangster who would come in and purchase them as a head band. Presumably these local gents are encouraged by the American gang scenes who have worn them to drape out of a pocket or as a head band as far back as the 1970’s in ways to Indentify affiliation. We discussed the humourous contrast, I then asked him if he was a Blood or a Crip. He then explained to me that he was just a shopkeeper.


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