Shaving shop

A shaving shop is not quite a barbers, although you can be shaven at a barbers. Sometimes barbers also contain a shaving shop. But we are strictly a shaving shop, some see this as a bizzare concept. We do not, as a man in his lifetime will spend 45 days shaving.

Safety razors

We are big fans of the safety razor at Edward’s, they are our top selling products. We have also honed our understanding of them, and choosen our range accordingly. Also we have got some great Instruction of use on our most gallant of blogs.

Shaving accessories

We at Edward’s love things. A good Englishman should be a firm believer in things also. In the world of traditional shaving there is a great range of things. Ranging from Shaving creams and soaps. To bizzare oddities like Alum block and styptics. It’s a great subject to accessorize on, it seem’s the more you have the longer you have stuff as well. So it’s a useful pay out.

The Edward’s shaving range

We are very proud of our growing range of gentlemens delights. For example our shaving soap the Smoke, that is so very powerful and full of London spirit. We also have been busy making a safety razor and a shaving brush. Something wonderful has come out of It also which is th Edward’s anti plastic shaving subscription. We are quite frankly trailblazers in the world of eco friendly shaving and we will happily debate with anyone who say’s otherwise.

We still sell all the old makes, well not all. But certainly companies like Taylor’s of Old Bond street or Kent Brushes for example.  We have made a lot of customers happy with our shaving shop, we are definitely about selling what you need, as opposed to what we want to sell you.