Safety razor

I have lots, I started with just one. The too aggressive Muhle R41, for beginners anyway. My Immature technique crumbled under It’s tyranny. To set the scene I was pretentiously shaving in the bath with a mirror. Imitating a WW2 Spitfire pilot perhaps. On the the first stroke I rammed the relatively unprotected D’E blade into my Jugular, resulting in a Inch long cut. I lept from the bath and grabbed a styptic stick, which I poulticed into the turning black wound. I relaxed for the rest of the day and kept an eye on it.

Shaving technique

This will come with time, I am now after 10 years passed novice. I have also done a great deal of research on shaving. I honed my technique with a non aggressive razor being the Fatip Gentila. Also this razor allowed me to practice more expert moves like the J turn. Being a J movement and almost a drag accross a cheek or chin. I now use a middle aggressive razor being the Edward’s lifetime razor. I realize I am biased, but the Edward’s lifetime razor is a powerful ally in my shaving armoury. Also I often go back to my Gentila on weekdays, when I have a little growth as I shave every day. I may do this in the mornings. I often use the Edward’s razor but late in the evening, this will provide me with such a close shave It will do for the next day. This means I can shave with luxury In the evening and not shaving like a mad crazed ferrit at 6.45 when I need to be on the 7 oclock.

I have 4 safety razors which I use. My primary for some time was the Muhle R89 safety razor. This is Muhle’s best seller, and for good reason. It is a rather beautiful object which is somewhat ornate. It is also practically a great razor. The standard Muhle head gives a really solid shave. It is also a great beginner razor as it is not to harsh. I still use my R41 from time to time when I have come back from a music festival perhaps. As the comb will manipulate any hair length into shape, although I do it with great caution. My Gentila is a great razor which I love a very drunk man could use one with safety It also looks great. The Edward’s razor Is what It is a real power house with loads of blade but somehow very safe.

The Crux of my point is it’s great to have a range of safety razor’s. I would also recommend a gentle razor or middle for your first.