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Knowledge Is power, although If the knowledge Is Incorrect It is not powerful at all.  People on forums, and people who comment on posts often exaggerate, and try to sound professional. People on Safety razor and traditional shaving forums do the same, for example.

The massive slagging that the Fatip Gentila received on a known blog, made my purchasing of them to use and too sell, a risky proceeding. for example, Joe blog was suggesting on a well know forum that there was some serious blade misalignment. He then proceeds to tell the Internet, that If you were to use one. You could potentially, for this reason tear your face off like an abominable snowman would If he or she existed.  Another point was that after several passes the fatip Gentila would not touch the sides. Despite using a high end double edged blade and using a decent, traditional shaving cream. I found this vast contradiction of research contradicting. So I had to have a go myself.

This Is how It went. Firstly the Gentila Looks amazing, founded In the 1950s. Fatip keeps close aesthetically to they’re Art deco roots. Although It is die cast brass and has the odd perfection flaw, but It is an Inexpensive razor remember.

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I set about my usual traditional shaving routine of applying pre shave oil, and then lathering In hot water. Then applying at the minute, my shaving cream of choice being Hawkins and Brimble.

On loading the blade I found no real misalignment, the safety razor has a screw cap and therefore holds tight. If the razor Isn’t set up properly, that Is the users own fault.

Shaving using the proper technique, I passed several times no problem. My Adams apple was a tricky area so spending a little more time there than usual. There were massive limitations of any shaving rash, and I got a real buzz out of the control of closeness.

The Gentila Is a more than comprehensive shave. And a must try for anyone who feels a bit down trodden by safety razors being harsh.