Safety razors

A mans face is his castle. I once heard from a mans mouth which is a part of the face. I have scars from some relatively small accidents on my face. In my 30s I have become more vein and have started to regret some of there drunken happenings. However on Wednesday morning I absolutely nailed myself with my safety razor.  Safety razors have just one edge at a time, which is more precise but can give you a deeper cut.

I have however been cut with a Mach 3 and disposables before. I have thought about how it is that I cut myself the other day and have come to some conclusions. However I have been walking around unshaven with a grove out of my chin since.

I am a seasoned shaver who has bags of confidence with any blade. My routine in the morning is a well practiced time saving event. Perhaps my confidence has lead to my messing up as I was not concentrating. I shave with a seized wrist, which gives the shave stability for sure. However when I get to my chin, I tend to loosen my wrist in order to be more flexible. In a quick movement I employed both techniques and my chin had a chunk out of it. It meant there was to much pressure and the wrist action acted like an ice cream scoop. But Tom flavoured skin instead of a lactose treat.

I would have been able to do this on a cheek due to it being a bouncy area. However the chin is and jaw is a harder surface all together. As we have previously discussed in other blogs. Is a softer area has less traction to be cut. I went wrong with pulling down and bending the wrist.