Safety razor blogger

Today I awoke from my slumber realizing i needed to shave yet again. This time it seemed I had not shaven for 2 days. I filled the sink with hot water and splashed my face and neck. Sometimes I shower prior to the shave, so it heats up the grain and soaks it. This is probably the best method other than the hot towell treatment at your barbers. Let’s face it, you aren’t going to do that every morning. Fully heated and prepared I chuck my shaving brush and safety razor into the sink. I always leave my razors unscrewed. I have explained this in previous post’s, it will stop any rust build up or at least most. Lets face it nobody cleans there safety razor everyday, so leaving it unscrewed seems to help stop build up.

Shaving tips

Now I use a Muhle soap in my Edward’s bowl, I put the hot brush in it and whip up a lather. I then apply it too my gallant face in a whipping motion until it is thickly coated. My opening strokes with my safety razor of current choice being a Fatip Gentila are important ones. I can be quicker with my cheeks as opposed to my throat which is a knobbly old thing. So I employ a solid J turn, yes akin to the teenage joy ride maneuver. Basically you pull down the razor in a long stroke then curve it into a J movement. This actually slides the razor slightly down your face which seems like a risky move. However it seems you can get a fair bit of control on the stroke and can just trust the movement.

I spend a fair time on my jaw line and actually shamfer it in line. I also re apply lather until I am content with the shave. I then arch around  the back of the jaw below the ear which is often a place I can easily miss. My grain goes backwards down my throat, so I shave the opposite way to my face on the initial pass. My throat i always lather well and pic individual hairs of my Adams apple.  I then jump in the shower like a boss.