Safety razor

I woke up this morning with one thing in mind. The battle between the double edged blade brands. Big Ben and Gillette’s 7 oclock. To perform a fair test, I shaved half of my face with each blade with two passes. One up and one down. I also used the same razor being biased, the Edward’s lifetime safety razor. Now just to further explain, I will be shaving my right side with Big Ben and my left with Gillette.

D.E blade history

Gillette bought the name as they often do with smaller companies and strangely they added theirs which is unusual. The company still resides in St Petersburg Russia which is a little known fact. The blades are super stainless and non coated made on Wilkinson machinery. A sadly dissolved English company that flogged all of their equiptment. They are made of Swedish steel.

Big Ben are a Egyptian company who bought Wilkinson machinery also. They use a London theme for added quirk,  although confusingly from Alexandra. Also stainless steel, although from Africa and a very similar thin flexibility to the 7 am’s.

The test

Approaching the bowl with a days growth I began. I filled my sink with hot water, which I applied to my face. Then I lathered using a Muhle shaving soap, which was Aloe scented. Firstly creating a thin lather all over my neck and face. I started on my right cheek with the Big Ben blade, which gave me a little drag. I found this nice though as it was clearly doing it’s job and also really ploughing off any hair. My neck was easily shaven with the grain and I was soon ready for the second pass. I felt very safe with the second pass and it very much smoothed my skin. The blade also makes a light ringing sound on my Edward’s razor. Being a nice novelty treat.

Now for the 7 am. Firstly there was no drag on the first pass on the cheek, which instantly made me think it was the sharper. I had a smooth chin and neck shave also that was uniformed. I then started the second pass obviously lathering first. The second pass created friction, which I was startled by. Certainly on the cheek and creating some bumpiness for the neck which I was careful with. I finished the shave and would have been happy with either blades. However I am a man of science so get ready for the following.

Assessing both shaves the Big Ben side was smoother. It was like they were opposite in practice as the Big Ben had drag on the first pass and the seven on the second. Now both blades are flexible so they would have a similar journey on my face. But I have been lead to the conclusion that Gillette is sharper but blunts quicker. Therefore Big Ben are less sharp but a hardier blade for the full shave. Big Ben wins guys not that I won’t use 7 am though.