Safety razor

Some people are keen for the best shave possible. Which i can understand, however I have things to do. When I originally started safety razor shaving I was keen for the smoothest chin in the world. Pretty much everyone who has experienced a professional wet shave from a barber. Rubs their chin after as to check how the abrasion stands up to their personal shaving method.  I would then rub my face throughout the day and the begining of the next day saying how uniformed even the growth back was. Until i needed to shave again. I stopped doing this with a safety razor ages ago as my goal every morning is to remove the stubble from my face. Not to compare it with that of an Essex girl as my hair will only grow back. Perhaps waxing monthly would suit some men, this would only work if they had the lightest of facial hair. Facial hair that could only be compared to that of an Essex girl. Otherwise the waxing would scar the face and still hair would grow back. My brother in law asked me for advice on behalf of a friend who shaves sometimes several times a day. Always he would shave at lunchtime as his hair has such a rapid growth. Understandably he found this a real chore everyday and considered waxing from a professional. Who then informed him due to the mass of stubble he has would have scars on his face. Also that his hair would grow back on his face making the painful task pointless. I suggested the fierce Muhle R41 as a tool for him to really slay a few layers of skin of his face. I also suggested that he should shave with two passes every day for reasons of exfoliation.

Second pass

When I have spare time, which is not often I test out different methods of safety razor shaving. To get that closest shave possible for my customers benefits as much as mine. I shave everyday with one pass but sometimes I may apply a J turn or hook. This is a great move for the bottom of the cheek where my stubble gets thickest. The method being pull the razor straight down the face and then twist it ending with a 90 degree angle. This seems to be a deeper shave and takes a few layers off anything in it’s path. You can also employ this with great care on your neck. Also reading the map of your stubble is a great idea as my neck hair goes the opposite way as my neck. Another brilliant although different condition for the shave is when you have a few days growth. Is the blade buff this is pretty close to the exact technique used by barbers. This is when you dont take the blade of your face but you drag the blade back and forth on the hair. It is amazing how little you become cut from this method and is a great way to relieve a weeks camping beard.