Safety razor

An interesting bold question recieved by Mike in Somerset. I considered this question from some different angles, which led to more questions. But now I believe to have a concise enough answer for my readers.  Compared to what? is my first question to answer Mike’s question. How safe is a safety razor? A Mach 3 cartridge razor can sever ones chin and lead to embarressing marital photo’s. I am single too all those lady shavers out there don’t worry, it was an example. Right back to mikes question, which quite frankly Mike I find obtuse, I mean you are really suggesting that they are unsafe aren’t you?


Mike firstly don’t just buy a safety razor, or restore a early gillete. Which can start you off on the wildest of horses that would be unsafe. I bought a razor for looks for my first. The only subject where this works is finding a lady friend. I bought the gnarliest of toothed safety razor and had a hard time with it. It almost made me loose faith in traditional shaving all together.  Choose a middle aggressive razor like muhle or Giessen or a non aggressive razor like Feather.


I shave most days with a Fatip. I have an exceptional technique in which I have refined over years of shaving and understanding the grain of my beard. Also I see my face in sections and subtract the lather in flanks. Although a neck and chin should be treated differently. I recommend pushing your head back and tilting your chin down making your chin bloat. This feels like a poor shaving surface, however it will make it boyant for a safe shave, it will also do the same for your throat.

DE blades

I find to eliminate cuts, if that is your fear. Thinner blades have a flexibility which gives that bit of insurance from cuts, like Lord or crown. That is my best answer mike also there are some gold dust tips in there for your knowing.