Safety razor

I have builders in my house at the moment which is an annoyance. My landlord too is seemingly not sorry about this. Sadly being a flaw of his personality. Also an electrician covered my current shaving kit which was the final straw. Cleaning the brush hard I managed to bring it back to life and he needs to thank his lucky stars my safety razor isn’t broken. Amongst all the dust and whistling from varius trades, I have found sanctum yet again In a great wet shave.

I have been meaning to shave with Simpson’s peppermint and rosemary shaving cream. It has proven a great experience. Previously I have enjoyed the citrus burst option, but I have been attracted to this one and was a pleasure to use. The peppermint provides a great scent and rosemary a nice undertone. It also has a pearly quality that gives a thick as you like lather.

Using a Edward’s shaving bowl. I submerge it in hot water and leaving a dribble in the bottom. I then after dabbing my brush in the shaving cream. Whip it clockwise and anti clockwise into the bowl. I also claw my fingers over the bowl making friction and thus more lather. Applying this to a my wet face I press hard into my cheeks creating more lather.

The shave

Using my new toy being a Muhle R89 safety razor that ploughs off the stubble. I tend to go down in a hard diagonal angle, which adds a little slice to the hairs. Always carefully with the mustache, due to me being prone to clipping the bottom lip of my nose. The neck and throat I take a little time and sometimes bull frog my chin as to add flexibilty. Hard to spot places are the backs of my jaw and along my jaw line. So my jaw basically. This has always been a place for people to make comments about if there is hair. Also someone who owns a shaving shop is often heavily scrutinised for any face fur. I usually just shave with the grain and down if I am shaving everyday. A Muhle head is really a great ally for a single pass shave so grab one today at Edward’s shaving shop.

Muhle R89 safety razor