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Timor walnut safety razor


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Safety razor

This great addition to the fine Vintage range of Geisen and Forsthoff. Is a remarkable tool to shave with, as it is a larger razor with a wider head. It really feels like it ploughs through any stubble you have at any length. This 83 g razor, being slightly heavier than any previous razor by Timor is 110 mm and feels so solid in the hand. Every morning that you reach for it you will feel like King Arthur releasing excaliber. This middle aggressive safety razor is perfect for a beginner. Any experienced wet shave should also seriously consider one. The walnut tree is native to England and Europe. It’s hard wood makes a great finish and an excellent handle for 1361. The head is chrome plated which is probably the best process for a razor to with stand any rust or grime. Also the head comes in two parts which will sandwich the DE blade between, and screw into the razor. Such a nice object to handle you notice the wonderful casting of the Timor band in the pommel. Also we love the design the tappered base and the diamond shaped neck ring are so classy.

Timor walnut safety razor

This is a great all rounder for the best shaving experience, needing little maintenance. Being rinsing in water. It takes universal blade size DE razor blades so you wont have any issues with availability. A great shaving style that we try to promote at Edward’s is shaving on loose skin. It seems to create a boyancey that stops any cuts. Also it is advisable to shave down on the second pass. The Timor walnut safety razor seems to benefit from a firm blade like Muhle or feather. Luckily this finely packaged razor comes with a pack of 10 Timor blades.