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Muhle Stylo Grenadille Safety Razor


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Is this the best safety razor?

The Muhle Stylo Grenadille Safety Razor, Is one of the most handsome on the shaving market. 115 mm In length and 72 g. Also the hardwood adds to the weight of this great razor. This Is a rare wood from Africa, that Is ethically sourced from only dropped branches. The design of the Stylo safety razor Is perfect, notice the tapered base. This Is an excellent traditional styled razor, the chrome and the wood really complement one another. Also Muhle are an Interesting 76 year old German company, they have great stylish products and Edward’s are lucky enough to be an official retailer.

Muhle Stylo Grenadille Safety Razors

Shaving with this razor, which Is classed as middle aggressive. It will provide you with the closest of shaves but will not be to rough. A Muhle blade Is provided for free. In the link provided we sell Muhle blades.

We have 7 other blades types for your choosing that range In flexibility and metal type. For technique on double edged blades why not check out our blog? Otherwise we will more than happily answer any question you may have about our most noble of Industries.

Free UK delivery on the Muhle Stylo Grenadille Safety Razor, Is yet another perk of Using Edward’s traditional shaving emporium.

Shaving Is something you do every day. So why not spend out on decent kit? Especially as this excellent safety razor is something you will keep for life. Recently safety razors have hit the news, as they are eco friendly in terms of not using plastics. Providing you use the cardboard packaged blades.

Remember that shaving with a safety razor is best with small strokes. Which are preferably on loose skin. This may go against usual barber imagery but it really is a tried and tested method.

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