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R71SR MÜHLE STYLO Safety Razor


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Safety razor

The R71SR MÜHLE STYLO Safety Razor has a magnificent handle, made from Thuja. A precious African wood that Is only harvested once fallen, and only the burl of the tree Is used. The design of this brush Is Incredible, It really compliments the high end chrome components. Notice the tear drop pommel at the base. The Head of this razor is closed comb, making It non aggressive. This Is known to create a great all round shave, cutting close, but still safe.

R71SR MÜHLE STYLO Safety Razor

Well weighted at 72g to Its 110 mm, the Stylo razor Is well balanced. Takes a double edged blade, at Edwards we sell 6 varieties. A common question Is where to buy blades, we would like you to buy them from us, although they are stocked globally by all good chemists. Edwards traditional shaving emporium are an official retailer of Muhle. We are proud of this fact, why not look at the rest of they’re range on the site. Also we have a great deal of traditional shaving knowledge on our blog, where you can find Information on shaving technique. Also shaving history as we are probably, what you would class as nerds on the subject.

If you have any questions regarding traditional shaving please contact us, we have helped countless customers choose there perfect razor. Compatible to hair and skin type. we also have a great range of shaving cosmetics from shaving soaps to aftershave balms. R71SR MÜHLE STYLO Safety Razor

We also really do have a lot of information on our shaving blog. We review other brands sometimes we are asked to do this. A lot of the info on the blog is about shaving technique, which the shaver modern of old. Should wholey appreciate, questions though please get in touch with us via email or Telephone.

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