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Taylor’s 15300 safety razor



Safety Razor

The Taylor’s 15300 traditional shaving safety razor. Is a great product from this old London company. Also handmade In England, this well designed razor measures 80 mm and weighs 67 g. Also this Is a unique razor due to It being nickel. Craftsmen at Taylor’s somehow make this Lattice finish on It’s handle. This 3 piece razor takes double edged blades, our site has 8 double blade brands for you to choose from. Also all will fit this exceptional razor, as they are a universal size.

Taylor’s of Bond street, circa 1865 are a great London treasure. Supplying the city gent’s a wide array of traditional shaving accompaniments since mid Victorian times. This Is one of my favorite safety razors due to It’s middle aggressive set head and It’s short body.  It Is very traditional In design and Is rather ornate, as though It Is a fine piece of silver ware from the 19th century.

Taylor’s 15300 safety razor

Safety razors are a fun to use, this razor will provide you with a very close shave, and will also protect you from cuts, as there Is a lot of guard.  Mastering this razor Is fun and will provide you with the closest of shaves. Also using small strokes Is our suggestion with the grain to start with, then another pass against for soft finish.

Edwards for the cleanest of shaven face’s.

The head is wide on this razor, there is a robustness about it. The shave is so smooth. At Edward’s we are advocates of this excellent razor. Edward himself has one, and if it is good enough for him. It is good enough for anyone. Alway’s use good shaving technique despite this being a smooth razor. We have loads of information on our blog about shaving and we urge you to learn from it.