Non plastic shaving

Plastic and Shaving by Edward

Plastics are a hot topic at the minute and for good reason, as the seas are swimming with the stuff. Also things like exfoliation pearls have made there way Into fishes stomachs and onto our plates. For example shaving Is a consumer Industry which will sadly add to this. If each Industry keeps It’s side of the street clean we will be able to change the circumstances.  Traditional shaving Is a considerably more environmentally friendly way to shave than with modern cartridge blades. Due to the large lump of plastic that holds the four three or two blades together. Double edged blades however, are Just thin sheets of stainless or carbon steel. Some come in plastic packs but many Just plane old cardboard.

A straight razor Is something else entirely If healthy renewable shaving Is your thing. Although yes It will be a longer process entirely. Shaving at Edward’s are always trying to get more ecologically friendly. Last summer your noble author when walking back from the Love box festival In London. Wearily I got home at 1 or so, In the pitch black after gallantly walking a lady home. On the approach of my country dwelling. I was snarled and hissed at, realizing what ever I could not see, could quite clearly see me.

Plastic and Shaving

What ever It was circled me also at this time I noticed that It was of a fair size.  I decided It would not be to cowardly to run away. Eventually on finding the courage to get In side I googled hissing quadrupeds and the obvious clue was a Badger.

Realizing that my encounter was In fact a spiritual message. I have since taken the Edward’s badger brush off the market, and put more emphasis Into synthetic brushes. We still sell other firms badger brushes yes, but all Edward’s brushes that will be marketed are now synthetic. Yes plastic based, but they are not disposable goods. You will have one of our brushes forever.