The Aloe Vera scent on Muhles cream is pretty potent and although it has been widely used In cosmetics, it is still one of the best natural substances for skin health. It contains the hormone auxin which stops inflammation of the skin and encourages new cell growth. Which are two key attributes to a great shaving cream.

I generally use shaving soap as it tends to last longer, but I perhaps pay the price for lack of lather. which cream is superior.

The Muhle shave creams iridescent look, really packs a wallop in terms of lather applied via a hot sink and brush.

I find the amount of water is key on the brush for success though saturation but not furiously dripping.

The cream holds. It has been said that a good shaving cream should stay full on your face from application. For you to take an average length phone call and return to have an excellent shave.

I didn’t try this but I was certainly happy with the creams stability.

The shave was very smooth also and clung necessarily to any stubborn hair.

At £12 this 2.5 oz tube is great