Double Edged traditional shaving

Gillette are the powerhouse In shaving. Since the first world war when they were commissioned to make a shaving field kit. For every Allied soldier.  They as a company have employed In genius marketing tactics over the years, to sell razor blades, to you the consumer. One of which was In the 90s, when they gave every male born In 1983. On there 18th birthday a free razor. A lot of these young gents repeatedly bought blades to fit after the Initial gift.

A hugely capitalist ploy, Ironically Gillette started In the Idealism of Socialism. Allow  me to explain, King Gillette the company founder. Before he was an Inventor was a communist author. He wrote a noted book named the Human rift where he discussed mans corrupt fallacies.

He was a noted author of Influence, and later like all good Inventors solved a problem. Being for the sometimes time consuming process of straight razor honing. Traditional shaving at one point was not traditional, It was modern and current. He put his best socialist cap on, and devised an Inexpensive disposable blade, for the already made safety razor. Which was just the position of handle and head.

He certainly found a gap in the market, which solved a problem and sold lots of product’s. His book rang true though as Gillette have dominated the market place ruthlessly buying smaller struggling brands to this day and owning them surreptitiously. They today are a huge conglomerate who sell overpriced cartridge razors. A far cry from King Gillette’s Utopian dream.

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