The truth about DE shaving or double edged shaving is, you can’t Immediately become an expert like Edward. But all good things are worth working at. The first thing to take heed of is the head style, where there are several types. Ranging from non aggressive to mid aggressive to aggressive. I would certainly for a beginner recommend a non aggressive closed comb head, to many jump into the manly aesthetics of an open comb for they look like snarling beasts. It was my first traditional shaving downfall, when I bought a Muhle R41 for my first razor. These are one of the most aggressive razors on the market. I would only recommend these safety razors to thick haired Irregular shavers, or skilled traditional shavers. I am an everyday shaver, so I use a non aggressive safety razor, the Fatip Gentila is a perfect everyday razor.

Technique and preparation are two Important thing’s after the choice of razor. My friend rushed on his first shave with an aggressive razor, as he had an acting audition. Sadly he did not get the part, I’m sure the lacerations did not help.