Safety razor

Alum and safety razor shaving to me is a must. In that you need to have an astringent of sorts in order to stop any cuts. Which you will probably recieve at a very Inconvenient time. Like my friend Paul who used a R41 Muhle for the first time for a quick shave before an acting  audition. He severed his jaw and on the bus holding his face together he googled coagulents, then tried to find a barbers that might have had some styptics. To little to late the poor guy didn’t get the part as it was not a horror film. The most effective I have used is the Cyril salter styptic pencil. You can pinch pieces off and ram it in a wound. Now Alum block is for the every day shaving nicks. Those specs of blood, I rub it over my under chin and throat as it also works as a sealent from any bacteria. I use a product that we sell at Edward’s sell which is Osma Alum block. It seems to last forever and is an essential piece of kit. A very upperclass friend of mine has always used a quick spray of cologne, which I have tested. The alcohol and whatever chemicals within the after shave is a pretty effective astringent.

Alum and safety razor shaving

Styptic pencils are often far harsher than alum block and are for the more direct action taken by a barber to stop a cut. Often making the customer whince and I have once seen complain. I suggest proffesionals give prior warning before application. Men rock styptics are rather light in harshness it seems so if you can’t take the short sharp burn then those are for you. The alum in which we use in gent’s grooming Is pottasium alum.

Traditional shaving Alum block Osma 75g